Previous development and further growth

History of ACS Landwirtschafts AG

Acquisition of a neighbour farm with a total of 300 ha rented arable land

April 2017

Acquisition of a neighbour farm with a total of 430 ha rented and freehold arable land

April 2016

Takeover of 80 ha rented arable land

December 2015

Foundation of ACS Landwirtschafts AG as a holding company

July 2015

Acquisition of an adjacent farm with a total of 160 ha rented arable land

May 2015

Acquisition of the first farms in Romania with a total of 480 ha arable land

July 2014

Further development of ACS-Group in ha

Development of farmed area of ACS-Group in Romania

Further growth of ACS

  • Further acquisition of freehold land in Romania in the coming years
  • Further rental of land parcels
  • Further consolidation of land
  • Increase of average field size
  • Increase of farming efficiency
  • Growth through acquisition of further farms in the region
  • Investments in storage and drying capacities