Management Board

Dr. Christian Ebmeyer

Christian Ebmeyer, PhD, M.Sc.

Christian has a farming background and holds a Master of Science in Agribusiness as well as a PhD in Agricultural Economics. In the context of his PhD thesis he was involved in setting up an international agricultural research network for benchmarking farms globally

Christian started his professional career as a project manager for an agricultural investment fund. Following this he became Head of Cash Management & Controlling in a publicly listed agro-holding with crop and bio-energy production. His next role was as a project manager in a German-Russian agro-holding, working on the group’s activities on the financial markets. In the meantime, this group became Russia’s biggest producer of milk.

Focus in ACS

Finance, Legal, Controlling, Investor Relations

Georg von Nolcken

Georg von Nolcken, M.Sc.

Georg has a farming background and is a trained farmer. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy and a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics. He started his professional career as a farm manager for an international agribusiness in Czech Republic.

Georg then took on the role as General Manager for an agricultural contracting business in Eastern Germany before returning as a Business Development Manager for his previous employer. In this position he worked in various countries in Central- and Eastern Europe. Since 2011, Georg worked as an independent consultant and has held the position of CEO in an Agro-Holding in Russia.

Focus in ACS

Strategy, Planning, Management

Board of Non-Executive Directors

Wolfgang Bläsi

Wolfgang Bläsi, Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH) (President)

Wolfgang is a trained accountant and studied Business Administration. He started his professional career in a renowned publishing company before working for a SAP consulting company in several positions within their finance department. As the CFO he was involved in all the company’s transactions on the capital markets, including an IPO.

Following this he was a managing partner in an international project development company for renewable energies.

He then took on the role of CFO in a publicly listed agricultural company before working in Russia as managing director and CFO for one of the largest dealers of agricultural equipment as well as the largest milk producing company. Today, he is member of the supervisory board for both companies.

Since September 2016 Wolfgang focusses his expertise on consulting medium-sized businesses.

Bianca Krakkai

Bianca Krakkai, Lawyer, LL.M.

Bianca studied law and legal affairs at various universities in Germany and Austria. She is a specialized lawyer in international business law and her activities focus on Germany and Romania.

She gained extended experience in agriculture and renewable energies from being an in-house lawyer for a project development company in the area of renewable energies as well as for a publicly listed agricultural company in Germany. For the latter, she was also involved in the companies’ activities on the Romanian market.

Today, Bianca works as an independent lawyer in Potsdam, Germany, with focus on international business law.

Christoph Foth

Christoph Foth, Farm Manager

Christoph is a trained farmer and has successfully worked as a farm manager and managing director for several large-scale farms. He was deputy COO of a publicly listed agricultural company focussing on arable farming and renewable energy production where he was involved in the restructuring of various farming units.

Following this, Christoph is now working for one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. He was managing director of a large-scale farm in Czech Republic which he developed as a demonstration and trial farm. Nowadays he supports key customers with their business- and mechanisation strategies.